CNN rating chart
Rating chart CNN
CNN ratings charts
Why is CNN dropping

Sadly, for networks like CNN that continue to focus on telling tales as opposed to providing worthy news, the outlook continues to worsen and it appears that this trend is set to gain traction.

CNN keeps getting bogged down with bad news

Its prime-time viewership declined 17% in the 1st quarter of 2018

“Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream” drew an average of 1.5 million viewers in the month of April, according to Nielsen ratings reported by the Conservative Tribune. CNN’s most-watched show, “Anderson Cooper 360,” had an average audience of 1.1 million and placed a distant 24th among cable programs.

Several shows in Fox’s morning and daytime lineups also outperformed “AC360,” including “America’s Newsroom,” “Fox & Friends,” “Outnumbered,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” “Happening Now,” “Shepard Smith Reporting,” “Outnumbered Overtime” and “Daily Briefing with Dana Perino.” Full Story

Not even one (zip) CNN’s shows made it to the top 20 in total viewership. Hannity’s show was the top-rated program with a 3.3 million viewership and also the most-watched amongst the 25-54-year-olds.

After showing historic growth–and a few months in 2017 when Rachel Maddow took the title of the most-watched host in all of the cable news, beating Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity–the just-released results of the May rating’s period look very familiar: Fox News won–everything.

Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers.



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